Month: May 2015

Sponsor: Angry Mojo Games

We are pleased to announce that Angry Mojo Games is supporting the 2015 Michigan GT with a Gold sponsorship!  Please head on over to their website and give them a like on Facebook! Based out of Orlando, Florida, Angry Mojo Games LLC is the brainchild of three lifelong friends with decades of experience in table top gaming…. Read more »

Rule Sets

Rule sets and guidelines are now available for most of our events.  You can find the rule lists here and download a copy!

Infinity Tournament

We are adding an Infinity event that will use the standard ITS format on Friday night! This event is a 4-round tournament using the mid-tier (300pts) Classic format and kill-based scenarios from the official Infinity ITS 2015 packet.

Friday Night Blindhammer (WHFB)

Think you’re prepared for anything? Then try preparing for this! You will be randomly paired off with another player (we will have a ringer on standby in the event of uneven registration). You will then be directed to your table. When indicated by the Event Coordinator, you will flip over the paper on your side… Read more »