Warhammer 40K Championships

Greetings and Salutations! We’re pleased to present the event rules for the Michigan GT Warhammer 40K Championships! This is a really exciting and challenging time for the Warhammer 40K community, and these rules were written with the goal of allowing the largest number of participants to have a memorable, enjoyable experience at the Michigan GT.

We’ve listened to feedback from previous years and combined that with our own experience playing in tournaments across the country to come up with the format for this year’s MIGT Warhammer 40K Championships. For those who’ve played in previous Michigan GT 40K events, you’ll notice a lot of changes. Make sure you read the rules carefully so that you’re not surprised.

One of the biggest change this year will be in how we will be doing awards. The overall champion (now dubbed the 40K Warmaster) will win bragging rights for his or her achievement, but the majority of the 40K prize support will be directed towards a new category of award winners: the Force Champions! All players will be assigned to a Force Category based on their army’s main faction, and the best player in each Force Category will be named Force Champion and take home their share of our Michigan GT 40K prizes!

Due to the fast pace of releases from Games Workshop, these rules may be clarified, tweaked, and/or modified as the Michigan GT approaches. No substantial changes will be made after August 30, 2015 (4 weeks prior to the 2015 Michigan GT).