Month: June 2015

Sponsor: BC Comix and Games

BC Comix and Games has joined the list of supporters of the 2015 Michigan GT with a Platinum sponsorship!  They will also be a vendor at our event!  Please be sure to visit their Facebook page and website! BC Comix & Games was founded on May 1, 2009 by Bob and Shannon Huffman. They pride themselves on being the… Read more »

Force Change Requests

A couple of people have asked if it was possible to change their chosen main force for the Warhammer 40K Championship after registration – our answer is of course!  Send your request to and be sure to let us know your name and the force you wish to switch to.

Sponsor: AFK Games

AFK Games will be supporting the 2015 Michigan GT for it’s third year in a row with a Gold level sponsorship!  Please be sure to visit them at and visit their Facebook page to keep up with what’s going on there! AFK Games stands for just that – Away From Keyboard Games! They are dedicated to everything… Read more »

Warhammer 40K Championship Primer Mission Packet

Here is the current version of the Michigan GT Warhammer 40K Championships Primer Missions. They’re slightly different than the ones we used at our first official primer, held at Flatland Games. We’ve taken into account the feedback from the participants at that event and have incorporated them into these missions. Please note that these are… Read more »