Let the Games Begin!

Hey all, it’s that time again – time to start gearing up for the 4th annual Michigan GT!  We have some great stuff on deck, and lots of new sponsors lined up to make this the best GT so far!  We have several more events planned and will be posting them up as they are finalized, and plan on opening registration up on June 1, so mark it on your calendar! So without further delay, here are the events we have lined up already!

Warhammer 40K Championships

The event that started it all is back – we will be running our Warhammer 40K tournament Saturday and Sunday!  Start getting that army painted up and get ready to rock!

Event information and rules here!

Horus Heresy

Our one day Horus Heresy event was such a success that we are bringing it back for 3 days of full on combat!  A one day event on Friday and a weekend event!

Find out more here!


Warmachine/Hordes events will be run the entirety of the GT.  Friday night we have a small 16 person tourney, Saturday is the Michigan Cup with a new format, and Sunday will be our championship!

Want to know more?

Bolt Action

Back for a second year is Bolt Action!  This year we will be running two sessions – the tournament format from last year and TANK WAR! So get those tanks painted up and get ready to bring the fight to the enemy!

More details here!


Infinity has returned for it’s second year at the Michigan GT.  Pick your faction and prepare to do battle!  If you didn’t get in last year, you missed out!

Find out more!

Firestorm Armada

Back for another year is our Firestorm Armada event on Saturday.  Come out and do battle for control of the Alpha Sector!

Check it out!


New to the Michigan GT is X-Wing!  We will be running events all three days of the GT – Tournaments on Friday and Saturday.  The top tourney players will battle it out on Sunday, and a narrative event will be available for everyone else. Assemble your fleets and prepare to meet the enemy!

More information and rules!

And for our fantasy players:

9th Age

We will have a full weekend of 9th age action!  A skirmish event is planned for Friday night and a weekend long tournament on Saturday and Sunday!  Assemble your forces and prepare to be the victor!

Get ready!

Age of Sigmar

Returning for a second year is our Age of Sigmar tournament, this will be on Sunday as a one day event.  The fate of the Old World hangs in the balance!

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