Welcome Curled Paw Creatives! Gold Sponsor!

Curled Paw Creatives

We have a new sponsor this year, Curled Paw Creatives!  They are purveyors of laser cut acrylic X-Wing accessories and sci-fi/anime inspired artwork.  If you are looking to decorate your game room or spice up your X-Wing set with some fantastic new items head over to their Etsy store, and make sure you told them the Michigan GT sent you.  Given we have 3 solid days of X-Wing gaming at the GT this year you will have an opportunity to see their work in person.  I have a strong urge to make a “cat dragged in” pun in regards to Curled Paw Creatives but I think we all know I’m to classy for that.

Again, thank you Curled Paw Creatives for your support.