Month: August 2016

Welcome Back Gamer’s Sanctuary, Silver Sponsor

We would like to welcome back Gamer’s Sanctuary to the 2016 Michigan Grand Tournament.  They have been with us a long time, and have been invaluable in making sure the Warmachine/Hordes events have gone off without a hitch. Whether you are a miniature player, board gamer, role-player, or CCG enthusiast, Gamer’s Sanctuary is there for… Read more »

Announcement: Michigan GT Prize Support!

With the Michigan GT a month away that means it is time to start ordering prizes!  Lets be honest, prizes are one of everyone’s favorite parts of the GT.  Well apart from playing new people, telling war-stories from games played, and watching certain 40k players over-indulge in liquid refreshment. For those of you new to the GT… Read more »

Announcement: The Official Barbeque of the Michigan GT

On the same topic as earlier, how can me make the Michigan Grand Tournament better for everyone I bring you Barbeque.  Its in the form of the newly opened Lil’ BBQ Shack on Cedar Street, almost on top of the Causeway Bay Hotel. They are setting up deals for all our attendees for pulled pork… Read more »

Announcement: Hotel Deals for the Michigan GT

Because we want your time at the convention to be great, and to save you as much money for toy soldiers as possible, we have negotiated special rates at the Causeway Bay Hotel.  Here it is again for any of you who might have missed it. Causeway Bay Convention Center 6820 S Cedar St Lansing, Michigan,… Read more »