Month: September 2016

Ticket Booth is Closed, Walk-Ins Welcome

We have closed the booth to pre-registration at this point.  You can still purchase Fat Mats & Dice until they are gone, as well as secure your weekend Badge.  Ticket are closed but we are accommodating walk ins. There are at least a handful of spot for nearly every event, as well as vendors, painting… Read more »

Adding Space to the GT!

We just gained an additional 4000 square feet of space, which is giving us room to expand.  We are still keeping the online registration cutoff at noon today.  That being said many events (I’m looking at you X-Wing, 40k, 9th Age, and Age of Sigmar…you Malifaux, stop skulking in the corner) will have plenty of… Read more »

2 days until the Big Day!

The Michigan GT is right around the corner and is going to be the largest by far. Several events have already sold out.  Pre-registration is closing Thursday at noon, so if you haven’t gotten your tickets yet, do so now! We will allow limited walk in registration but space is going to be tight so… Read more »

Reminder: Bazaar of the Bizzare!

Saturday evening we are setting aside space for players to bring out their used models, bits, unloved armies, kits you’ve never opened and trade with other players.  This will be player run, but if you are looking for the chance to move some things to make room for new goodies, this is the place.  Additionally… Read more »