Month: October 2016

2nd Annual O-12 Proxy War: Infinity Standings

This year the Infinity ITS expanded to 16 players as a Saturday main event.  We played 4 rounds for the ITS and it was a pleasure to run the event.  Next year we plan to expand to a 2-Day event accommodating 32 players.  Below are the standings.  Congratulations to all our players.

Bolt Action Standings

Our local Bolt Action organizers put on another fantastic event this year.  If you are considering leaping into World War 2, I suggest wandering over to Gaddis Gaming and picking up some models to get ready for next year’s event.  Without further ado, here are standings from the Michigan GT’s Bolt Action Tournaments.   Place… Read more »

4th Annual Michigan GT After Action Part 1

The 2016 Michigan GT has come and gone.  This year was by far the largest on record with over 300 attendees and 22 events.  In total nearly 750 games were played over the weekend and an absurd number of dice were rolled. This was the first year for events in X-Wing and 9th Age which were… Read more »