Month: August 2017

Returning Gold Sponsor: Evolution Games!

A long time staple of the Lansing gaming community, as well as a long time sponsor of the Michigan Grand Tournament we are please to welcome back Evolution Games!  Situated on Saginaw Highway Evolution Games has a thriving miniatures community, with players for everything from Warhammer 40,000 to Infinity to Mantic Games as well as… Read more »

Copper Sponsor: Dragon-Fall 2017

For those of you that like to travel (or have mastered teleportation) we have partnered with Dragon-Fall this year.  They are a multi-system wargaming convention taking place the weekend of October 20th at the Pheasant Run Resort in St. Charles Illinois. Since they expanded to three day, they have so much to offer. Their events… Read more »

Special Guest: Bryan CP Steele, CMoN!

For those of you who haven’t noticed from my many and sundry posts on the topic, we will have a special guest this year, Bryan CP Steele, Brand Manager from CMoN!  Not only will he be on site in support of the Dark Age Tournament, he is playing a special exibition game against Teri Litorco… Read more »

The Mission Packet is Available for the 40K Championship!

All 40K Championship attendees – the primer missions packet is now available! These missions are being used to test concepts and solicit feedback. These missions are not complete and may or may not change before the event. Download them and check them out! If you have any feedback, hit up the Michigan GT discussion group… Read more »