Copper Sponsor: Dragon-Fall 2017

For those of you that like to travel (or have mastered teleportation) we have partnered with Dragon-Fall this year.  They are a multi-system wargaming convention taking place the weekend of October 20th at the Pheasant Run Resort in St. Charles Illinois.

Since they expanded to three day, they have so much to offer. Their events include four Warhammer 40k events, a debut of Age of Sigmar, an exciting X-Wing narrative event, Kings of War, Bolt Action, two Dark Age events, Wrath of Kings, and Bolt Action!

If that is not enough, they are so happy to be hosting the Infinity Midwest Massacre and launching the Dragon Slayer painting competition backed by ten different hobby seminars.

If you plan to be in the Illinois area check them out.  Its always a pleasure to work with great event coordinators.