Lets Get Ready To Rumble!

In the Red Corner, weighing in at 10,729 followers, the mistress of mayhem, the captain of CRRRUNCH, ThatTeriGirl!

In the Blue Corner, weighing in at 14,664 followers, the developer of destruction, the producer of PAIN Bryan CP Steele!

October 7th, 8:30 PM these two titans of the “Dark Age” will square off at the Causeway Bay in Lansing Michigan to determine once and for all who drives the hobby!  Its Developers vs Media in the “Sortie in Sparta”.

All comedy aside, all Dark Age Players (Or Dark Age Curious) are welcome to see an exhibition match between Teri Litorco and Bryan CP Steele.  During the match they will be open to questions from the community about the state of the game and hobby.  We look forward to this match.