2017 Michigan GT 40K Championships Updates! Death Guard! Adeptus Mechanicus! Forgeworld! Army Lists! Prizes!

Hello, Michigan GT 40K Champioships attendees!

We here at the Michigan GT staff are really excited about this year’s event and looking forward to seeing you all in three weeks. We’re sending you this email to let you know about some last-minute tweaks that we’re implementing in order to make sure that this year’s event runs as smoothly as possible.
#1 – Games Workshop’s 8th Edition 40k roll-out has been an accelerated schedule like we’ve never seen! This is an exciting time for the 40K hobby, but presents its own unique challenges. To solve one of those challenges, we’ve made the decision that both the Death Guard codex and the Adeptus Mechanicus Codex will be allowed at the 2017 Michigan GT Championships.

#2 – We’ve also been taking note of the results of our primers, reports from other large tournaments, and feedback from our attendees, regarding the use of Forgeworld units in a tournament format. The results and reports from the NOVA, held two weeks ago, were particularly concerning. As a result, we’ve decided to incorporate a power level cap on forgeworld units into our event rules. Forgeworld units with a power level of 35 or higher will not be allowed at the 2017 Michigan GT Championships.

#3 – In this day and age, many of us are using apps to create and store our army lists in a digital format. However, in order to be fair to our opponents, all players must bring at least six (6) printed copies of their army list to the Michigan GT (1 for each opponent, and 1 to turn in to the judges). The Michigan GT does not guarantee that printers will be available onsite to print out army lists! Also, don’t forget to put your name on your army list.

#4 – Finally, based on our registration numbers, we’ve consolidated several of the force categories for award purposes. Armies based on the Heretic Astartes, Daemon, Questor Traitoris, & Renegades and Heretics faction keywords will be competing in the “Warptouched” category, while Asuryani, Anhrathe, Drukhari, Harlequins, & Ynnari players will be competing in the “Webway Wanderers” category. Finally, Necron and Ork players will be combined into the “Waagh and Death” category.

These changes have been incorporated into the 2017 Michigan GT 40K Championships Rules, which can be downloaded from here.

In addition, we’ve also updated a revised collection of primer missions used at the Michigan GT 40K Championships primers held over the past few months. While these missions for the actual event may (and probably will) change in subtle ways, these primer missions should give you a good idea about what, in general, you can expect to see at the Michigan GT 40K Championships. Download the updated primer mission pack from here.

We apologize for the late notice, but these changes will help ensure that the 2017 Michigan GT runs smoothly and provides the best possible experience for the most number of people. We look forward to seeing you in October!

The Michigan GT 40K Championships Staff