Announcements: Infinity and 9th Age Updated

The final rules for the 9th Age event have been posted on their events page.  The event is also close to selling out so I suggest grabbing tickets soon!

The Infinity ITS has been updated for Season 9: Treason which started 9-1-2017.  Missions are Capture & Protect, Rescue, Aquisition, Hunting Party, and Power Pack.  The Soldier of Fortune extra has been added to the event.

The Infinity Casual Event (also known as BeerFinity) Fire Team Fire Fights has had its full play rules posted on the events page as well.

Lastly, and tickets for any event purchased between now and end of day 9-8-2017 (as well as those previous ticket holders) will be entered into a model drawing.

9th AgeInfnity