The leviathan begins to wake!

We have begin updating our graphics packages.  The location is secured and the majority of the games are scheduled.  We’ve even found our latest Defense Against the Dark….no that’s not right, our Age of Sigmar TO!

This year the Warhammer 40,000 Team Tournament will be larger than before, with more prize support and trophies available to win.

The Warhammer 40,000 Championship is capped at 128 players.

Dark Age appears to be growing in both player count as well as Saturday being an all round friendly style event (MTI, Sportsmanship and Painting) with Sunday being a strict MTI scoring event for those of you who want straight competitive events.

Shadespire, RumbleSlam, Aristea, and Imperial Assault will all be new to the Michigan GT this year.  Rumors has it more new events are under consideration.

Infinity’s O-12 Proxywar will be a Saturday only event, with an additional 1day ITS on Sunday (Direct Action style, at a lower points for recovery day game play).  The Tag Battle and Fire Team Fire Fight are both back as well with upgrades coming to them.

The Charity Raffle is underway with Warhammer 40k, Infinity, and Warmachine/Hordes Armies being painted up as well as other great items.  Based on player feed back will will be setting the event up this year so you will be able to enter your tickets based on game system/prize category.

Make sure to follow our Media Partners (Purge the Alien Podcast and WarGamerTeri) for more information about the GT!

As always if you are looking to sponsor the Michigan GT, email or contact us through our Facebook page.  This should be the biggest Michigan GT ever!