Sponsorship Announcement!

Chad Erway, longtime sponsor from Gamer’s Sanctuary is launching an Indigogo campaign in order to publish a good.  Attached is a link to his campaign as well as a mock-up of the cover and pages.  In a community were we try to support each other, it seems like something we should spread the word on.  Even if its not your cup of tea, spread the word to anyone you know who might be interested.


Something’s attacking the townspeople of Wolverton under the cover of night. Officials are at a loss as to the cause but the kids of Masterminds, Inc. think a special breed of vampire is behind it all. The question is; who’s the vampire? As the list of victims (and suspects) grows, the light of the full moon reveals that vampires may not be their only concern.

Aided by the help of a library on monster-kind, hidden by a descendant of the famed monster hunter, Dr. Abraham Van Helsing, the kids of Masterminds, Inc. must solve this puzzle or risk falling prey themselves.