The Charity Raffle 2018

Each year we hold a charity raffle, supporting the Michigan Nature Association and Small Talk.  We have raised quite a bit for them as a community over the years and we hope done a fair amount of good for the community.  As we previously mentioned, Small Talk Childrens Assessment gave assistance to victims of the Larry Nasar incident that has recently come to light.

This year we will continue the tradition.  Even as we speak armies for Warhammer 40,000, Privateer Press and Infinity are being painted for the raffle while other items are being gathered to help do good for our community.  We are also tweaking the raffle this year, making it easier for your tickets to go to the items you are interested in.  Not even two hours ago the little fellow pictured below made it to my desk, getting ready for his new Dark Age paint job.  We would like to extend our thanks to Cool Mini or Not for this addition.  We hope to shop pictures of the various projects as they progress.  Don’t forget the full cart opens in a month and a half.

Dark Age Raffle Item