Michigan GT 40K Championships Update!

We’re only 1 month out from the 2018 Michigan GT 40K Championships, and this is the final update to the event rules. There are two main changes. First, based on our registrations to date, we’ve added a “Veterans of the Long War” force category, for player’s who largest detachment comes from Codex: Heretic Astartes. All other Chaos-aligned players will remain in the Warptouched force category.

In addition, we’ve decided that with the rumors of the imminent release of the Fall 2018 Big FAQ, that we will be using it in this year’s 40K Championships.

If you haven’t registered yet for this year’s Michigan GT Warhammer 40K Championships, visit our web store today at http://store.michigangt.com/…/2018-warhammer-40k-tournament/