Returning Platinum Sponsor, AFK Games

Queue up the “Rocky” sound track!  Local store AFK Games is returning, as a platinum sponsor, for their 5th year!  This time out Dan and his posse will be manning their ancillary location at the Michigan GT!

If you haven’t visited them, they are just down the street from the our venue.  If you are in the Lansing area and are looking for a place to get a game I can’t recommend them enough.  I’ve been hearing whispers from the warp about their upcoming Combat Patrol League, as well as their ongoing hobby league.

One of the best ways to support the Michigan GT and make sure it keeps coming back every year is to support our sponsors.  Visit AFK soon and let them know the GT sent you!

Welcome Top Down Terrain, Michigan GT Sponsor!

For those of you interested in quality MDF Scifi terrain and game accessories, check out our newest sponsor Top Down Terrain.  They manufacture a variety of styles of MDF terrain as well as tournament display boards, light of sight base markers, and an amazing insert for the Kingdom Death Monster game.

If you are building a new table or getting ready for an event (such as the Michigan GT) check out their line of products and shop now.  Without the support of our sponsors, we couldn’t host this event every year.  Expect to see some of their terrain on display at this year’s GT.

Returning Platinum Sponsor, Broken Egg games

Broken Egg Games is returning for their second year to the Michigan Grand Tournament.  Not only will they be providing fantastic prize support with their amazing selection of tokens, terrain, and measuring devices we are thrilled to have them back as a vendor at the event.

Since last year they have expanded their offers to Guildball, Star Wars Destiny, and other fantastic products.  Check them out so you can be ready for all of this years events as well as what ever new products they will be bringing to the Michigan Grand Tournament.


New Event Submission Open!

The Michigan Grand Tournament started years ago as a 2 day 60+ person Warhammer 40,000 event.  Over the years we’ve added more than a dozen different game systems.  Some were brief additions to our slate and others have grown with the convention as year over year events.

Given how we have grown, we are always looking for people excited by the idea of giving back to the community and running events.  Towards that end we’ve created a new event submission form on the website.  Follow this link, read through the information we provide, and complete the form and we will review your submission.

Running events can be exceptionally rewarding and a great way to build the community for your game system.  If you think you want to give it a try, we look forward to what you think you can bring to the Michigan GT.

If you missed the link above, here it is again.