Warhammer Underworld: Shadespire Grand Clash Update

With the release of the new “NightVault” we are excited to announce our Grand Clash will be run under those rules.  All models for Nightvault will be legal, though painting will still be required.

This will be the first event were the new NightVault Trophy can be won, so don’t miss your chance to be on the bleeding edge!

In order to keep up on everything happening with this event we have included some links below.  We can’t wait to see you October 12-14!

The Nightvault Opens!

Faction Link

Michigan GT 40K Championships Update!

We’re only 1 month out from the 2018 Michigan GT 40K Championships, and this is the final update to the event rules. There are two main changes. First, based on our registrations to date, we’ve added a “Veterans of the Long War” force category, for player’s who largest detachment comes from Codex: Heretic Astartes. All other Chaos-aligned players will remain in the Warptouched force category.

In addition, we’ve decided that with the rumors of the imminent release of the Fall 2018 Big FAQ, that we will be using it in this year’s 40K Championships.

If you haven’t registered yet for this year’s Michigan GT Warhammer 40K Championships, visit our web store today at http://store.michigangt.com/…/2018-warhammer-40k-tournament/

X-Wing Update

We are excited to announce that the X-Wing Championship had several openings.  We filled from the waitlist first, remaining spots are first come first serve!  We look forward to everyone coming for X-Wing in its 3rd Year.

Don’t forget Star Wars: Legion is also a Maximum Firepower Qualifier this year, don’t miss out on that as well!


MiGT Update: Star Wars Legion!

Fantasy Flight Games has asked us to upgrade our Star Wars: Legion event to become a qualifier for “Maximum Firepower” which we have of course agreed.  Come to the Michigan GT and test your mettle against other players for a chance to compete at higher levels!

We are proud to continue our partnership with Fantasy Flight Games and look forward to seeing you at the Michigan GT this October 12-14.