Welcome Back, Hawk Wargames!

With the successful completion of their Kickstarter for Dropfleet Commander (check if out at your local store) Hawk Wargames is returning to the Michigan Grand Tournament this year.

Not only will they be running the Midwest Incursion for both Dropzone and Dropfleet Commander; not only are they providing prize support for both events; they will also be on site with exclusive product for sale.  Oh…don’t forget they are also providing a painted army for our charity raffle.

Thank you Hawk Wargames, its companies like you that make this event a success.  Make sure to visit them at the Michigan GT and check out their games.  You want want to see their games before the convention, watch for Donald Roach at your local store running demos and tournaments!

New Sponsor Announcement: Promethium Forge

We are excited to announce Promethium Forge as a new Bronze level sponsor for the 2017 Michigan Grand Tournament!  They are in the midst of a kickstarter for their new terrain products.  If you are looking for a source for terrain for Shadow War: Armageddon, Necromunda, or Infinity we recommend getting in on their Kickstart now.

There will be 2 tables of their terrain on display at the Michigan GT, and you will be able to find an assortment of their other terrain and objectives for sale on their Facebook Page!  Make sure you check them out now.  Without great sponsors like Promethium Forge we wouldn’t be able to host this event every year.


Returning Platinum Sponsor: Badger Airbrush

Badger Airbrush is joining us again for the 2017 Michigan Grand Tournament.  For those of you considering learning how airbrushing can help your army, or for the veteran who needs parts and accessories, Ken from Badger will be on site to assist you.

Those of you who missed him last year, not only did he run a number of demos and tutorials, he donated nearly half of what we gave away for our charity raffle as well as a ton of amazing prize support and convention deals.

Make time to visit him this year, and thanks again Badger for supporting the Michigan GT.  Its companies like you that allow this event to grow.

Returning Platinum Sponsor, AFK Games

Queue up the “Rocky” sound track!  Local store AFK Games is returning, as a platinum sponsor, for their 5th year!  This time out Dan and his posse will be manning their ancillary location at the Michigan GT!

If you haven’t visited them, they are just down the street from the our venue.  If you are in the Lansing area and are looking for a place to get a game I can’t recommend them enough.  I’ve been hearing whispers from the warp about their upcoming Combat Patrol League, as well as their ongoing hobby league.

One of the best ways to support the Michigan GT and make sure it keeps coming back every year is to support our sponsors.  Visit AFK soon and let them know the GT sent you!