Age of Sigmar Championship Update!

With the announcement today that the new “General’s Handbook” would be released in August, we are committing to that book being fully legal for the Age of Sigmar Championship at the 5th Annual Michigan GT!

As soon as we can update the rules pack with anything related to the new book we will.  As mentioned, the new General’s handbook will be legal.  Hurrah!


Age of Sigmar

Gold Sponsorship Announcement: Muse on Minis!

Thank you Muse on Minis for your support of our event.  Its companies like you that help us build this community.  If you haven’t stopped by their website and checked out their offers you should stop everything you’re doing and go there now.  Its a fantastic site filled with articles videos, and podcasts as well as their store.

Check out their range of tokens, game aids, and terrain for games like Warmachine/Hordes, Guildball, Infinity and X-Wing.  They’ve even told me that they are bringing an entire table worth of terrain to give away.  Make sure you visit this amazing company!

Michigan GT Update

Our servitors are scurrying about now.  The Trophies for this year have arrived so we are busy setting everything up to etch the award names onto them.  This year we have gone with some extra large steins for certain prizes as well as a similar size to last year for the lower awards and smaller events.

Wait, was that potable or non-potable…

If you were on a wait list for Dark Age you have been invoiced for your ticket and need to settle that by Monday or we will be making that space available for others.  Additionally if you are holding back on registration a number of the events are filling up (and in the case of the 40k Team Tournament there is only 1 spot available) so grab your tickets now.  The longer in advance we know who is attending the better we can make the event.  Only 77 Days to go!


Event Update: 40k Team Tourney

For those who haven’t seen, the Warhammer 40,000 team tournament will be 2 1000pt armies for each team.  To go with that announcement we have added 6 team spots for this event due to demand for this event.  Grab your tickets because this is the only time we are adding tickets to this event.