Lets Get Ready To Rumble!

In the Red Corner, weighing in at 10,729 followers, the mistress of mayhem, the captain of CRRRUNCH, ThatTeriGirl!

In the Blue Corner, weighing in at 14,664 followers, the developer of destruction, the producer of PAIN Bryan CP Steele!

October 7th, 8:30 PM these two titans of the “Dark Age” will square off at the Causeway Bay in Lansing Michigan to determine once and for all who drives the hobby!  Its Developers vs Media in the “Sortie in Sparta”.

All comedy aside, all Dark Age Players (Or Dark Age Curious) are welcome to see an exhibition match between Teri Litorco and Bryan CP Steele.  During the match they will be open to questions from the community about the state of the game and hobby.  We look forward to this match.

Warmachine/Hordes Rules Update!

The 2017 Steamroller rules have been updated.  They can be found linked through the Warmachine/Hordes event page, or by following this link!

Additionally the rules for the WTC Team event have been updated on the Warmachine/Hordes page, or you can follow the link here!

As a final reminder, Warmachine/Hordes does not require painting which is a variation from the Team rules and the GT rules, though we are investigating that as a possible change for 2018.  We look forward to seeing you all again this year.  For those looking to play in the team event, but who do not have a team, there are still 4 spots available on the Misfit Toys Team!


New Primers Added for Age of Sigmar and 9th Age!

September 9th, 9th Age at Imperium Games!

One day, 3-round, 4500pt 9th Age Tournament in preparation for the 9th Age Championship Tournament at Michigan GT.

$10 entry, all money goes toward the provided pizza lunch and prize support. 2 hours and 45 minutes per round.

Tentative schedule:
10:30am-11am — Registration
11am-1:45pm — Round 1
1:45pm-2:45pm — Lunch
2:45pm-5:30pm — Round 2
5:45pm-8:30pm — Round 3
8:30pm-9pm — Cleanup & Awards

Please feel free to invite anyone you feel may be interested in attending!

September 17th, 11 AM Age of Sigmar at Imperium Games:

We will be using the Matched Play: Pitched Battles rules in the General’s Handbook, including army composition, triumphs, and unit costs.

The total Army size will be 2000 points chosen from a single Grand Alliance.

Battleplans will come from the Generals Handbook with custom secondary objectives for players to score during their games.

We will be using Major Victory/Minor Victory system as described in the General’s Handbook to determine the winner of each game. Each Battle Plan outlines the rules for determining the winner for each game. If a player wins a Major Victory, their opponent scores a Major Loss. If a player wins a Minor Victory, their opponent receives a Minor Loss. A draw can only happen if players are tied on the major objective, secondary objective, and kill points.


Swag for Participants in the Weekend Horus Heresy Event!

For the weekend participants in the Horus Heresy event, we are giving away 6 objective markers per participant, the cool thing is that you can get your chapter etched onto the markers!  To claim your set at the GT, send an email to 30k@michigangt.com and eric@diecutomy.com with the name of the chapter/army marking you would like on your marker set.  Submissions need to be sent in by September 1, 2017 or else generic Michigan GT markers will be give on game day.

Here are samples of what the markers will look like!