Charity, The Michigan GT & YOU!

For the last several years, in a slightly better than Ad Hoc fashion, the Michigan GT has maintained charity ties with the community.  This has led to the adoption of two charities we have been coming back to year after year.

The Michigan GT is proud to support the Michigan Nature Association which is dedicated to permanently protecting land that provides critical habitat for rare, threatened and endangered species and natural communities across the state.  In addition we support Small Talk Children’s Assessment Center who’s dedicated staff are committed to guiding children through the worst possible trauma and giving them an opportunity to heal.

Last year we raised over $1,500 dollars for these charities with a Warhammer 40,000 Knight Army and through generous support from Ken at Badger Airbrush.

This year we are working to beat that, and will only be able to do it with your help.  We are securing pro-painted armies for several of our game systems.  The incomparable Angelina from Riotgrrl Painting is taking responsibility for our Infinity Army.  I am working on our Drop Fleet Commander force.  Even as we speak we are looking for painters for our Malifaux, Privateer Press and Games Workshop Armies.  Raffle tickets will be available again this year for these items with all proceeds going to our charities.

If you want to go further and are a painter looking to sponsor the Michigan GT you can assist with this charity raffle.  Reach out to or message us on Facebook.  Remember, you will be supporting our charities by getting new armies to use!



Events for 2017 Updated, Tickets on Sale June 1st!

It’s finally happened!  This year’s events are listed on the front page for the 2017 Michigan Grand Tournament.

Just like our post holiday waist lines, we have grown!  We’ve added new events for almost all of our returning game systems.  Additionally there are several new systems premiering at the GT this year.

Now the answer to the biggest question: What edition will Warhammer 40,000 be using this year?  The answer to that is 8th Edition!  Start boning up on those new rules and getting your armies ready for battle.  This is the largest change to the system since 2nd Edition turned to 3rd, so the game will be on a whole new footing.  We will release the newest rules for all 30k and 40k events once 8th edition drops in June.  Maybe now would be a good time to visit our sponsors to pre-order your copy!

Warmachine/Hordes is back with their Team Tournament as well as Warmachine Weekend Qualifier.

This year’s Dropzone Commander (The Midwest Invasion) will be delivering DropFleet Commander for the first time.

We’ve added multiple Malifaux and Infinity Events, including 2 day championships!

You’ll have a choice between Age of Sigmar and Warhammer 9th Age as both systems are supported at the Michigan GT.

There will be returning favorites such as Bolt Action and Star Wars X-Wing, as well as new systems such as Shadow War and Star Wars Destiny.

Don’t forget, your badge gets you automatic entry into the Nain Rouge Painting Competition!

We are also excited to announce for the first time, Cool Mini or Not’s Dark Age will be running an event at the Michigan GT!  Start planning your events now, tickets are on sale June 1st and many events sell out quickly.


Returning Platinum Sponsor: Gamer’s Sanctuary!

We beat the drum that we couldn’t do this without our sponsors, and its is never going to be less true than Gamer’s Sanctuary.  Not only do they provide fantastic support for the events, host primer tournaments for the GT and tell their players about the event to drive attendance; they provide us with death clocks for Warmachine/Hordes every year, making the Privateer Press events possible.

If you are even thinking about being near the Flint area, make sure to visit Gamer’s Sanctuary, meet the staff, play some great, people and most of all, support another great local business that supports us!

New Silver Sponsor: Mats by Mars

Mats by Mars has joined the Michigan Grand Tournament as a Silver Level sponsor!  This will bring a new range of play mats both to your games at the event and as prizes. If you haven’t considered a play mat before, let me use Mats by Mar’s words to explain why you want one:

“Our wargaming play mats that will take your gaming table to the next level. Currently available in 15 different styles, variable sizes ranging from 2’x2′ to 4’x6′, and with an optional grid overlay custom printed for your favorite game! Your games will flow faster, be more accurate, LOOK better, and be easier to setup and tear down!”

Check out their full range of mats, overlays, and base inserts (designed to match their bases) on their website.  They have specialty mats for Arena Rex, Guild Ball, Infinity, Malifaux and Warmachine/Hordes as well as mats designed for more general world (and space) building.  If you are just getting started in collecting terrain check out their “Bundlesaurus Rex” deals! Thanks again Mats by Mars, we couldn’t put on this event without sponsors like you!