40k Championship – SOLD OUT

We knew we could do it, and we did with your help.  The Warhammer 40,000 Championships and Team Doubles Events are SOLD OUT!

At this point, both 40k events (Team Doubles and Championship) are closed for registration, but we encourage people still interested to get on the wait-list by emailing registration@michigangt.com

There are a handful of spots left for Age of Sigmar and Horus Heresy, but those are nearly out as well, and there has been a spike in Warmachine (Team and Championship) as well as Dropzone/DropFleet commander.  This is not a great year to wait for tickets.

On a related note, please verify you purchased your convention badge with your event tickets, you will need that to participate, but your badge also gets you access to the painting area (sponsored by Golden Artist Colours, Secret Weapon Miniatures and Cool Mini or Not) as well as the 2nd Annual Nain Rouge Painting Competition.

40k tournament sold out

AoS Tournament Swag!

All participants in the AoS championship this year will be getting a set of 6 objective markers and an AoS ruler!  These have been custom designed for the Michigan GT.  Sign up for the AoS Championship and get yours at the GT!  Spaces are starting to go fast, so hop on this one!

Announcement! 40k Championship Rules Update!

For those of you who didn’t notice the ruckus (bordering on fracas) over army construction recently, we have made an update to the Warhammer 40,000 Championship Rules.  The link can be found here, here, or here. Sure, they’re all the same but to paraphrase Homer, you can never find one when you’re excited!

The most significant change is that we have incorporated the preview of “Chapter Approved” rules set.  Please enjoy your reading and if we have any further updates, announcements will be made.

On a related not, we are down to 23 open spots for the 40k Championship, 1 spot for Promethium Alley and 2 for Dark Age.  Availability for many other events are low as well so get your tickets now!