New Event – WU: Shadespire Grand Clash!

We are excited to announce that Friday October 12th will be the Warhammer Underworld: Sharespire Grand Clash 2018 at the Michigan GT!  We have worked with Games Workshop in order to create the rules packet for this event which is online on our site at the following link:

Given that it was a Games Workshop Game (Warhammer 40,000 for those of you who don’t remember) that got the entire Michigan GT started 6 years ago, it feels like coming home to have them work with us to create the event packet for this event.  We look forward to seeing all your warbands piling into the Mirrored City for this event!

Sponsorship Announcement!

Chad Erway, longtime sponsor from Gamer’s Sanctuary is launching an Indigogo campaign in order to publish a good.  Attached is a link to his campaign as well as a mock-up of the cover and pages.  In a community were we try to support each other, it seems like something we should spread the word on.  Even if its not your cup of tea, spread the word to anyone you know who might be interested.

Something’s attacking the townspeople of Wolverton under the cover of night. Officials are at a loss as to the cause but the kids of Masterminds, Inc. think a special breed of vampire is behind it all. The question is; who’s the vampire? As the list of victims (and suspects) grows, the light of the full moon reveals that vampires may not be their only concern.

Aided by the help of a library on monster-kind, hidden by a descendant of the famed monster hunter, Dr. Abraham Van Helsing, the kids of Masterminds, Inc. must solve this puzzle or risk falling prey themselves.

The Charity Raffle 2018

Each year we hold a charity raffle, supporting the Michigan Nature Association and Small Talk.  We have raised quite a bit for them as a community over the years and we hope done a fair amount of good for the community.  As we previously mentioned, Small Talk Childrens Assessment gave assistance to victims of the Larry Nasar incident that has recently come to light.

This year we will continue the tradition.  Even as we speak armies for Warhammer 40,000, Privateer Press and Infinity are being painted for the raffle while other items are being gathered to help do good for our community.  We are also tweaking the raffle this year, making it easier for your tickets to go to the items you are interested in.  Not even two hours ago the little fellow pictured below made it to my desk, getting ready for his new Dark Age paint job.  We would like to extend our thanks to Cool Mini or Not for this addition.  We hope to shop pictures of the various projects as they progress.  Don’t forget the full cart opens in a month and a half.

Dark Age Raffle Item


Announcement: New Events for the 2018 Michigan GT!

We are excited to confirm that we are adding Star Wars: Armada, Star Wars: Imperial Assault, and Star Wars: Legion to this year’s Michigan GT line up.

We are currently putting together a plan for Legion terrain and designing mission packs for all of the above games.  Those of you looking to do battle against (or for) the Imperial Empire and their Sith Lords will have that opportunity in many ways this year.  Make sure to keep watching for more upcoming announcements.

Don’t forget the full cart opens June 1st!