Event Update: 40k Team Tourney

For those who haven’t seen, the Warhammer 40,000 team tournament will be 2 1000pt armies for each team.  To go with that announcement we have added 6 team spots for this event due to demand for this event.  Grab your tickets because this is the only time we are adding tickets to this event.


Special Guest: Teri Litorco, ThatTeriGirl!

Contributing Geek & Sundry editor; Blogger, and Social Media Gadfly Teri Litorco will be at the Michigan GT this year.  In addition to playing in the Dark Age event (currently sold out) she will be doing some coverage of the Michigan GT this year in the lead up and (hopefully) during the event.  We are excited to have her in attendance.

You can follow her at:


Dark Age has Sold Out!

In its first year at the Michigan GT, Dark Age by Cool Mini or Not has Sold Out!  It is the second sellout event of this season, but we are picking up steam!  (Might want to consider grabbing tickets for your events now, I know that some of them are getting low, and some groups are organizing).

Congrats to Ryan our Dark Age Organizer.  Now to flog him to see if he can pull together what he needs to add a couple more spots to the event!  Welcome Dark Age Players, we are thrilled to see you this 2017 Michigan Grand Tournament!

To Light the Wasteland in Celebration!

Event Announcement! Friday Warmachine/Hordes!

Do I smell toast?

There I was, at the kitchen table when I realized, no – the toaster isn’t on fire.  I really did have a stroke.  In flash it was realized I had failed to list 2 events on the Michigan GT site for Warmachine and Hordes!

The Spell Draft is returning as a Friday night event.  Additionally we have added a steamroller event for Friday night.  These are both available in the cart for your steam-powered enjoyment.  Sign up with much fury!