New Gold Sponsor: Imperium Games

It would be an utter heresy to not announce Imperium Games as a new sponsor to the Michigan GT!  Rising from the ashes of your FLG, Adam and Brandon have opened Imperium Games as a haven for miniature gamers in the heart of Wixom.

In Brandon’s own words ” Adam and I started Imperium Games to bring back that sense of community gaming can bring to people and I have to say that we have a very good start at that. So from Adam, me and the Imperium Games staff, thank you everyone, it was great to see such a awesome turn out.”

Imperium Games may carry CCG’s, Board Games and the rest, their primary focus is Miniature Gaming and Hobbies.  Constant leagues, extensive hobby supplies and a broad selection of miniature wargames.  Make sure to stop in and get a game in the next time you’re in the area.

New Silver Sponsor: Riot Grrl Painting!

Award winning painter Angelina of Riot Grrl Painting has graciously committed to assist with this year’s charity auction.  This year the goal is to have several armies for charity auction.  Riot Grrl will be painting the Infinity Army this year.

Angelina is available for commissions for anything, not just infinity! Her service provides a premium product for a premium price.  We can’t recommend checking out her work enough.  Look forward to seeing her services on offer this year at the Michigan Grand Tournament.

Thank you again Riot Grrl Painting for your support of our event.  Once again the charities your good works support are Small Talk Children Assessment Center and Michigan Nature Association.

2nd Annual Nain Rouge Painting Competition

2016 was the first year we added a full painting competition to the Michigan Grand Tournament.  As with the first year of anything, we saw room for improvement (on our end, the entries were fantastic).  This year we have better display cases and lighting lined up, and a hopefully more streamlined entry procedure.  Without further ado:
All players at the Michigan GT are eligible to enter the painting competition (now known as the 2nd Annual Nain Rouge) as part of their badge.

The categories are:

Best Model (Small, base size below 55mm).
Best Model, (Large, Base Size 55mm and up).
Best Gargantuan Model (Daemon Lords, Titans, Super Heavies)

Models will be judged on painting, modelling, technique, basing and over all artistic aesthetic. Be aware, any part of the model found unpainted will lead to being a first cut.
Models in the categories above MAY NOT be in play in an event and entered into game play for a tournament. We want people to be able to see the entries.  Winning entries from last year will not be eligible to enter again, but everyone is welcome for new entries.

The categories below are available to all forces in play during the various events.
Best Skirmish Force (3-20 models, squads and small scale game systems).
Best Army (Forces over 20 models with a unified scheme). We look forward to seeing all the entries.

We look forward to seeing this year

Welcome Back Silver Sponsor Eternal Games!

Lets give a welcoming laurel and hearty handshake to Eternal Games out of Warren, MI.  They are returning for their second year as a silver level sponsor at the Michigan Grand Tournament.  I know I say this every time, and it never gets less true, but we wouldn’t be able to host this event for our players without the help of our sponsors.  If you haven’t been out to Eternal Games, maybe you should drive out this weekend for Free Comic Book Day?

Wizkids Regionals for HeroClix and Dice Masters—spring-2017.html


Friday 5/5/2017

Special X-Wing World Championship Celebration


Star Wars Destiny 5/4/17 & 5/6/17–destiny—spirit-of-rebellion-launch.html

Remember:  Local stores are the gateway drug to new players!  Thanks again Eternal Games for your support.

Eternal Games