2014 Michigan GT 40K Tournament Mission 1

Do you want to give the 40K missions a test drive to see what you are in for?  Grab the first mission here and let us know what you think on our Facebook page – we highly encourage this to make sure that our missions are fun, enjoyable, and balanced.


Terrain Progress

This weekend was spent working on some new bigger terrain for our tables.  Each table will have two large hills up to 6″ tall – that is 64 hills we needed to bang out, and despite a few technical difficulties with our foam cutters, we managed to get every single one cut out out and glued up!

Way to go!

10628691_10152320496908946_8672974158108421644_o 10548111_10152320496683946_2649569115772330714_o

Rule Amendments!

Based on feedback from attendees and potential attendees, and the results of last weekends BAO, the Michigan GT crew has decided to amend the rules for the Michigan GT 40K Championships. Check out the amended rules!

Also, don’t forget that attendees who sign up by August 15 will receive a special bonus: a set of Michigan GT dice in a color available only to early registrants! Sign up today at our webstore!