Sponsor: Ironheart Artisans

The sponsors are still coming!  Ironheart Artisans is sponsoring the 2013 Michigan GT with a Bronze sponsorship!  Be sure to check out their website and like their Facebook page to see their latest products!

Terrain Preview

This past weekend, Evolution Games held a Michigan GT Primer and got a chance to see and use the terrain we are going to have at the event!  If you ran a primer, let us know how it went on our Facebook page!


Beta Mission Six

Here it is, the final mission to be played at the 2013 Michigan GT!  As with the others, read it, try it, and post comments to our Facebook page!

Download: Michigan GT Beta 6

Beta Mission Five

Here is another mission that we will be running in the Michigan GT.  Please take some time to read it and try it out.  Please post feedback to our Facebook page!

Download: Michigan GT Beta 5