Sponsor: KR Multicase

We are excited to announce that KR Multicase has decided to be a Gold sponsor the 2013 Michigan GT!  Be sure to visit their Facebook page and their website!

KR was created to meet the needs of the gamer and has grown by listening to their requirements and developing products to meet those needs.

KR has a combination of precut trays as well as a revolutionary cutting system to create custom cut trays for gamers. You can create your own designs using the KR TrayCreator app on our site. The highest quality, the best value.

KR has without doubt the most efficient designs of any wargaming case system with the unique KR trays and case designs.

This combined with the modular KR Multicase system gives gamers the safest and most economical storage and transport cases.

Their continuous development means that KR is always providing the best available solutions for all the latest figures.

KR Logo- soft foam

Beta Mission Three

Here is the next mission in the series of missions to ran at the 2013 Michigan GT!  Please give it a try and post your feedback to our Facebook page!

Download: Michigan GT Beta 3

Beta Mission One

Attached you will find a copy of one of the missions we will be running at the 2013 Michigan GT – give it a try and post any feedback to our Facebook page!

Download: Michigan GT Beta 1