Sponsor: Evolution Games

Another great sponsor has offered support at the Gold level!  Evolution Games in Lansing has generously decided to back our efforts to bring a great experience for the gaming community.  Be sure to visit their Facebook page and give them a like!  Our sponsors are going to make this event an awesome time!

Evolution games provides a wide range of board, tabletop, and card games as well as tables and rooms for game playing on the west side of Lansing!


Announcement: Early Bird Incentive!

Here it is, the first BIG announcement – the first 25 PAID entrants to the Michigan Grand Tournament will receive a FREE 2013 Michigan GT Tee shirt!  This shirt will be a dark green cotton tee with our event logo on the front and back!  You will receive an email if you are eligible for this free bit of swag so we know what size to order for you!

Here is a sample of what your tee will look like:

image of Michigan GT tee

We don’t expect this great deal to last long, so hurry up and get in the game today!

Sponsor: Patterson Veterinary Hospital

The Michigan Grand Tournament is excited to announce yet another great sponsor throwing their support behind us!  Patterson Veterinary Hospital has offered to support our event at the Silver level!  Please visit their Facebook page and give them a like!

Patterson Veterinary Hospital is a walk-in only clinic – your pet will be seen the same day that you come in!

Patterson Veterinary Hospital works with pets of all kinds, and performs a wide variety of services, backed by their in-house lab. With over 50 years of service behind them, they have earned a reputation for caring veterinary work that will improve your life and the life of your pets.

Sponsor: Pandemonium

We’re pleased to announce that Pandemonium™ Games has generously backed the 2013 Michigan Grand Tournament with Gold sponsorship status!  Their support is much appreciated!

Pandemonium has been serving the gamers of Metro Detroit for the last 10 years. They have played host to all kinds of tournaments and events, from RPGA weekends to Magic the Gathering Regionals. They offer ample open gaming space for whatever games you might be interested in, from pen and paper role playing to card games, board games to miniature war games, with a large selection of available terrain to make your game special.

Be sure to visit their Facebook page and show your appreciation by giving them a like!