Sponsor: Pandemonium

We’re pleased to announce that Pandemonium™ Games has generously backed the 2013 Michigan Grand Tournament with Gold sponsorship status!  Their support is much appreciated!

Pandemonium has been serving the gamers of Metro Detroit for the last 10 years. They have played host to all kinds of tournaments and events, from RPGA weekends to Magic the Gathering Regionals. They offer ample open gaming space for whatever games you might be interested in, from pen and paper role playing to card games, board games to miniature war games, with a large selection of available terrain to make your game special.

Be sure to visit their Facebook page and show your appreciation by giving them a like!

Run for the Hills!

Run for the hills, because there are plenty of them to pick from!  Terrain building is still going fast and furiously!  Our terrain guys are hard at work to make our first Grand Tournament in 9 years worth the wait!


Game on and Help Others

The Michigan Grand Tournament is pleased to announce that Mike Loniewski (Fly Molo) of the Dark Future Gaming Blog is going to be putting an army together for a charity raffle at the Grand Tournament. He is going to be offering up a FULLY PAINTED 1850 point Chaos/Daemon army, with all of the proceeds going to the Allen Neighborhood Center, a group run by a gal named Joan Nelson that sets up community gardens, runs farmer’s markets, provides base-level food assistance to local residents and generally does GOOD in the world.

Mike will be selling raffle tickets for $2 online and at the Grand Tournament with a drawing on September 29.

If you don’t need another army (and let’s face it, some of us don’t!), Mike will also be accepting donations of materials and cash for this project.  Check out his open letter here for more information on his project and how you can help him out.

Here are a links to some of his posts about this fantastic project:

A Gift – 2

A Gift