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Announcements: Infinity and 9th Age Updated

The final rules for the 9th Age event have been posted on their events page.  The event is also close to selling out so I suggest grabbing tickets soon! The Infinity ITS has been updated for Season 9: Treason which started 9-1-2017.  Missions are Capture & Protect, Rescue, Aquisition, Hunting Party, and Power Pack.  The… Read more »

New Primers Added for Age of Sigmar and 9th Age!

September 9th, 9th Age at Imperium Games! One day, 3-round, 4500pt 9th Age Tournament in preparation for the 9th Age Championship Tournament at Michigan GT. $10 entry, all money goes toward the provided pizza lunch and prize support. 2 hours and 45 minutes per round. Tentative schedule: 10:30am-11am — Registration 11am-1:45pm — Round 1 1:45pm-2:45pm… Read more »

9th Age Championship Rules Packet

9th Age

The Michigan GT 9th Age championships is an opportunity for fantasy players to celebrate all aspects of our hobby. Generalship, artistry, and sportsmanship will all play their part in determining who will walk away as the champions of the weekend! The 9th Age rules packet is now up and ready for your perusal.  Check it… Read more »

Michigan Grand Tournament 2017 Registration is LIVE!

What else do we really need to say?  The cart is live in 10 minutes!!!!  Encourage your friends to register for the best 3 days of miniature gaming in Michigan. Warhammer 30,000?  Its here! Dropzone Commander?  Its here! 9th Age?  Absolutely! The list of events is longer than ever.  Prize support will be deeper than… Read more »