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Michigan Grand Tournament 2017 Registration is LIVE!

What else do we really need to say?  The cart is live in 10 minutes!!!!  Encourage your friends to register for the best 3 days of miniature gaming in Michigan. Warhammer 30,000?  Its here! Dropzone Commander?  Its here! 9th Age?  Absolutely! The list of events is longer than ever.  Prize support will be deeper than… Read more »

Events for 2017 Updated, Tickets on Sale June 1st!

It’s finally happened!  This year’s events are listed on the front page for the 2017 Michigan Grand Tournament. Just like our post holiday waist lines, we have grown!  We’ve added new events for almost all of our returning game systems.  Additionally there are several new systems premiering at the GT this year. Now the answer… Read more »

2nd Annual Nain Rouge Painting Competition

2016 was the first year we added a full painting competition to the Michigan Grand Tournament.  As with the first year of anything, we saw room for improvement (on our end, the entries were fantastic).  This year we have better display cases and lighting lined up, and a hopefully more streamlined entry procedure.  Without further… Read more »

New Event Submission Open!

The Michigan Grand Tournament started years ago as a 2 day 60+ person Warhammer 40,000 event.  Over the years we’ve added more than a dozen different game systems.  Some were brief additions to our slate and others have grown with the convention as year over year events. Given how we have grown, we are always looking for… Read more »