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Announcement: 5 Days Away and Counting!

The Michigan Grand Tournament is fast approaching.  We are looking at our biggest turn out yet, and being so close to the big day, we have a couple of reminders and an announcement. First the announcement.  Long time attendee Cholyong Kim (or CK to everyone who meets him) is the winner of the upgrade to… Read more »

Let the Games Begin!

Hey all, it’s that time again – time to start gearing up for the 4th annual Michigan GT!  We have some great stuff on deck, and lots of new sponsors lined up to make this the best GT so far!  We have several more events planned and will be posting them up as they are… Read more »

Rules Additions – Firestorm Armada

The rules for the Alpha Sector Incursion and Clash events have been posted.  You can download them now, and get registered for these awesome events!

The Alpha Sector Clash

The battle between the League and Alliance was not contained in the Alpha Nova system. Fleets clash in the whole of the Alpha Sector. Patrols, raiders and rear echelons all come into contact as the conflict reaches its zenith. The Alpha Sector Clash is an 800 point 4 round Firestorm Armada Tournament. Standard Rulebook Missions… Read more »