Category: Prizes

AoS Tournament Swag!

All participants in the AoS championship this year will be getting a set of 6 objective markers and an AoS ruler!  These have been custom designed for the Michigan GT.  Sign up for the AoS Championship and get yours at the GT!  Spaces are starting to go fast, so hop on this one!

New Bronze Sponsor: Diecutomy

Our newest sponsor is partially to blame on the GT itself.  Every year as we discuss swag to give out, the discussion turns to “what if we had a laser”.  Besides mounting it to the head of some incredibly irritable sharks, we spit ball a ton of ideas. Well the incredible Mr. Samson decided this… Read more »

Michigan Grand Tournament 2017 Registration is LIVE!

What else do we really need to say?  The cart is live in 10 minutes!!!!  Encourage your friends to register for the best 3 days of miniature gaming in Michigan. Warhammer 30,000?  Its here! Dropzone Commander?  Its here! 9th Age?  Absolutely! The list of events is longer than ever.  Prize support will be deeper than… Read more »

Returning Platinum Sponsor: Gamer’s Sanctuary!

We beat the drum that we couldn’t do this without our sponsors, and its is never going to be less true than Gamer’s Sanctuary.  Not only do they provide fantastic support for the events, host primer tournaments for the GT and tell their players about the event to drive attendance; they provide us with death… Read more »