Category: Sponsors

New Silver Sponsor! Crystal Dragon Games & Hobbies!

I want to welcome Crystal Dragon Games & Hobbies in Niles Ohio to our family of sponsors!  Not only do they have a fantastic location in downtown Niles with a wide selection of product but they put on a fantastic event with a vibrant gaming community. Crystal Dragon Games not only carries nearly all the… Read more »

New Bronze Sponsor: Diecutomy

Our newest sponsor is partially to blame on the GT itself.  Every year as we discuss swag to give out, the discussion turns to “what if we had a laser”.  Besides mounting it to the head of some incredibly irritable sharks, we spit ball a ton of ideas. Well the incredible Mr. Samson decided this… Read more »

Welcome Gold Sponsor Acropolis Games!

Acropolis Games has generously joined us as a gold sponsor for the 2017 Michigan Grand Tournament!  Located in Adrian Michigan they have a thriving miniature community, with a strong focus on Games Workshop. Their upcoming schedule of events is strong, with release events for 8th edition as well as Warhammer 40,000 tournaments and escalation leagues…. Read more »

Charity, The Michigan GT & YOU!

For the last several years, in a slightly better than Ad Hoc fashion, the Michigan GT has maintained charity ties with the community.  This has led to the adoption of two charities we have been coming back to year after year. The Michigan GT is proud to support the Michigan Nature Association which is dedicated… Read more »