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Swag for Participants in the Weekend Horus Heresy Event!

For the weekend participants in the Horus Heresy event, we are giving away 6 objective markers per participant, the cool thing is that you can get your chapter etched onto the markers!  To claim your set at the GT, send an email to and with the name of the chapter/army marking you would… Read more »

Gold Sponsorship Announcement: Muse on Minis!

Thank you Muse on Minis for your support of our event.  Its companies like you that help us build this community.  If you haven’t stopped by their website and checked out their offers you should stop everything you’re doing and go there now.  Its a fantastic site filled with articles videos, and podcasts as well… Read more »

Event Update: 40k Team Tourney

For those who haven’t seen, the Warhammer 40,000 team tournament will be 2 1000pt armies for each team.  To go with that announcement we have added 6 team spots for this event due to demand for this event.  Grab your tickets because this is the only time we are adding tickets to this event.

The Warhammer 40K Tournament packet is now online!

We are proud to announce the rules for this year’s Michigan GT 40K Championships. This 2-day, 5-game event is THE largest 40K tournament in the state of Michigan, and one of the top 40K events in the Midwest. This year’s event will feature the newly released 40K 8th Edition rules, and we’re looking forward to… Read more »