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Michigan GT Update!

The Michigan GT is only two months away. This year, we added 24 slots to the 40K Championships, bringing our capacity to 128! Despite this, we’re almost halfway full! Don’t wait until the last minute only to discover that the event has sold out – purchase your event ticket today at…/2018-warhammer-40k-tournament/ As prior attendees know,… Read more »

Michigan GT Updates

First off we wanted to show some photos of terrain for Star Wars:Legion you will see at the Michigan GT this year.  These example tables are at our sponsors AFK Games in Lansing and BC Comics in Howell.  Please stop in and check them out if you find yourself in the area. As an additional… Read more »

Gold Sponsorship Announcement: Imperial Terrain

Anyone interested in Star Wars Legion (or even just the terrain junkies out there) should have seen Imperial Terrain by now.  Those of you who haven’t should follow the link and check out their amazing line of 3d Printed terrain. They have graciously provided us with several tables of terrain for our inaugural Star Wars:… Read more »

Update Underworlds: Shadespire Grand Clash!

Games Workshop Ann Arbor is confirmed for September 8th, beginning at 1pm, with no entry fee! AFK primer is still scheduled for September 29th at 2:00 PM with a $10.00 entry fee. The Imperium Games Primer has been cancelled, though if there are any changes we will update you here!  Get out there and start… Read more »