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Charity, The Michigan GT & YOU!

For the last several years, in a slightly better than Ad Hoc fashion, the Michigan GT has maintained charity ties with the community.  This has led to the adoption of two charities we have been coming back to year after year. The Michigan GT is proud to support the Michigan Nature Association which is dedicated… Read more »

Events for 2017 Updated, Tickets on Sale June 1st!

It’s finally happened!  This year’s events are listed on the front page for the 2017 Michigan Grand Tournament. Just like our post holiday waist lines, we have grown!  We’ve added new events for almost all of our returning game systems.  Additionally there are several new systems premiering at the GT this year. Now the answer… Read more »

Announcement: Warhammer 40k FAQ Update!

v1.1 FAQ. Thanks to everyone who sent us comments about the Warhammer 40K FAQ for the 2016 Michigan GT. We recognize that it was not ideal to release the FAQ a month before the event; unfortunately, with the GW 7th Ed. Beta FAQs released throughout the summer, incorporating those rulings seemed to be the best… Read more »

Announcement: Official FAQ for Warhammer 40k at the Michigan GT!

  The Michigan GT is only 4 weeks away! The ongoing release of the 7th Edition Warhammer 40K Beta FAQ this summer has delayed the release of our own tournament FAQ, but now that they’ve released a beta for all armies, we’ve incorporated those rulings into a global FAQ for the 2016 Michigan GT 40K… Read more »