Category: Warmachine/Hordes

Announcement: Warmachine Michigan Cup Openings!

If you missed your chance to sign up for the Michigan Cup, you’re not out of luck. We’ve rounded up some extra clocks and opened up a couple more slots to make what is already the biggest Michigan Cup on record even larger. We have also gotten requests from a couple of players that want… Read more »

Warmachine Announcement: Friday Night Special

Friday Night Special: Who’s the Boss!? The weekend will kick off with a fun intro into Warmachine & Hordes on Friday night, with Who’s the Boss taking center stage! Registration begins at 4pm, dice roll at 5pm. Format: Who’s the Boss? Players will bring one 50-point list +28 warjack/warbeast points in their faction with no… Read more »

Terrain Update from the Michigan GT!

Ever since the GT was formed, it has always been about the hobby. That is why we require fully painted armies and reward those who go above and beyond makig their armies look good. However you can have two amazing armies on the tabletop and if the terrain is blah you lose a lot of… Read more »

Let the Games Begin!

Hey all, it’s that time again – time to start gearing up for the 4th annual Michigan GT!  We have some great stuff on deck, and lots of new sponsors lined up to make this the best GT so far!  We have several more events planned and will be posting them up as they are… Read more »