Category: Warmachine/Hordes

Warmachine Scrambles

If you are eliminated from one of the main events, the Michigan GT will host a number of scrambler events. These are essentially 35 point Steamroller format pick up tournaments organized by Press Gangers throughout the afternoon and evening Saturday and Sunday. The format will be 2 list optional (if 2 lists both must be… Read more »

Warmachine Spell Draft

Gather 35 points of your favorite Warmachine or Hordes force and develop your unbeatable battle plan. Just beware that the winds of magic are acting a little silly and your warlord/beast might not remember everything correctly. All spells listed on a primary warcaster/warlock’s spell card and all animi on warbeasts are considered “erased” for this… Read more »

Warmachine/Hordes Championship

After battling it out as a team on Saturday this is your chance to prove your individual mettle. This event will be a Warmachine Weekend Point Series event with the winner earning up to 20 points and the rest of the top 8 getting points as well. Whoever walks away will be the Michigan GT… Read more »

2015 Michigan Cup

The bi-annual Michigan Cup challenges teams from the various Michigan and the Midwest to work together and win the Michigan Cup. Gather your team and throw down to show you’ve got what it take! This event is limited to 20 teams, so make sure you pre-register right away! NOTE: only the Captain registers the team…. Read more »