As the years progress, our event list keeps growing!  Our volunteers and sponsors are a big reason for our continued growth and diversity of events.  Please be sure to check often for new events added to our list!

9th Age

9th Age Skirmish – September 30, 3PM – 10PM

9th Age Championships – October 1, 10AM – 7PM & October 2, 10AM – 4PM

Age of Sigmar

October 2, 10AM – 4PM

The Age of Sigmar returns to the Michigan GT for the second year in 2016. Forces from around the Old World gather to claim the title of Champion. Last year the forces of Chaos trampled over everything in there way, will they be stopped this year?

Age of Sigmar Event Rules

Blood Bowl

Sunday Funday Blood Bowl

October 2, 10AM – 4PM

The perfect game for a Sunday afternoon returns! Grab some nachos and Bloodweiser and get on the pitch!

We’ll be playing three 90-minute rounds using LRB6 rules. Build a team at 1.1m GPs, including all staff and re-rolls. Bring models, dice, and templates (We’ll have extra templates). Boards, balls, and dugouts will be provided. First round is random draw, subsequent rounds will be paired based on scoring. Final awards will be awarded based on total scores, plus Best Painted Team and Most Brutal Coach.

Bolt Action

Back to the Front – October 1, 10AM – 7PM

Sunday Tank War – October 2, 10AM – 5PM

Dropzone Commander

The Michigan Incursion – October 1, 10AM – 5:30PM

Horus Heresy

Horus Heresy Weekend Campaign: The Temple of the Omnissiahi – September 30, 1PM – 7PM

Knight Fight – September 30, 7PM – 11PM

Horus Heresy Weekend Campaign: Darkness Falls Upon Lucius – October 1, 9AM – 7PM & October 2, 9AM – 5PM


October 1, 10AM – 8PM

2nd Annual Great Lakes 0-12 ProxyWar

Increased in size and space from last year, 16 players will do battle over 4 rounds in order to see which galactic faction is the strongest. Each player will bring two 400 point lists with no spec ops, limited to three order groups, to play out all their missions. This will be an official ITS event with separate hobby scoring. The missions will be Engineering Deck, Cold Sleep, Comms Center, and Highly Classified. This event may be modified by the 2017 ITS Rules.

ITS rules can be found here.

Living Card Games

40k Conquest & A Game of Thrones

Conquest – Spetember 30, 5PM – 11PM
A Game of Thrones – October 1, 12PM – 6PM

2015 saw the introduction of the Conquest LCG to the Michigan GT. 2016 sees the return of Conquest and the introduction of A Game of Thrones. Players will battle it out for custom playmats in addition to the summer FFG organized play kit!


October 2, 10AM – 4PM

Malifaux Cup

This event will us the Gaining Grounds 2016 schemes and strategies. 50 ss, fixed factions lists. 4 rounds, 105 minute time limit. Guard the Stash with Corner Deployment, Turf War with Flank Deployment, Squatters rights with Close deployment, and Collect the bounty with standard deployment. Schemes will be announced at the tournament from the 2016 Gaining Grounds Document from Wyrd.

Warhammer 40K

Warhammer 40K Championships – October 1, 9AM – 7PM & October 2, 9:30AM – 5PM


Friday Night X-Wing Tournament

X-Wing Main Event Tournament

X-Wing Narrative Event