9th Age Events

9th Age Warbands

October 6, 2:00PM – 9:00PM

Forces from across the world are being drawn by rumor and prophesy to a small island in the Great Sea. This event will be the opening skirmish as the forces establish bases and make first contact with the enemy. Players will play 3 1.5 hour games with 2,250 point forces in this one day event.

We will be using Warscore for our event, please register there prior to the tournament.

The Rules Packet can be downloaded Here.

Michigan GT 2017 Ninth Age Championship Rules Michigan GT 2017 Ninth Age Warbands Rules

9th Age Championships

October 7, 10:00AM – 7:00PM & October 8, 10AM – 4PM

These the Event Rules for the 9th Age Championships at the 2017 Michigan GT! The Michigan GT 9th Age championships is an opportunity for fantasy players to celebrate all aspects of our hobby. Generalship, artistry, and sportsmanship will all play their part in determining who will walk away as the champions of the weekend! These rules explain the event, missions, awards, and army construction. Please review them closely, as there are changes from previous years. These rules may be updated between now and the 2017 Michigan GT. No substantive changes will be made after September 3!

The Rules Packet can be downloaded HERE.

Michigan GT 2017 Ninth Age Championship Rules