Age of Sigmar Championship

Age of Sigmar Championship

October 13, 8:00AM & October 14th 9:00 AM

Battle in the mortal realms over the course of 5 rounds in two days!

We will be using 2nd edition and the Matched Play: Pitched Battles rules in the General’s Handbook, including army composition, triumphs, and unit costs.

The total Army size will be 2000 points chosen from a single Grand Alliance.

Battleplans will come from the Generals Handbook with custom secondary objectives for players to score during their games.

We will be using Major Victory/Minor Victory system as described in the General’s Handbook to determine the winner of each game. Each Battle Plan outlines the rules for determining the winner for each game. If a player wins a Major Victory, their opponent scores a Major Loss. If a player wins a Minor Victory, their opponent receives a Minor Loss. A draw can only happen if players are tied on the major objective, secondary objective, and kill points.

We will be awarding the following:
Best Overall
Best in Alliance – Order, Chaos, Death, & Destruction
Best Appearance
Best Sportsman