Age of Sigmar Championship

Battle in the mortal realms over the course of 5 rounds in two days!

We will be using the Matched Play: Pitched Battles rules in the General’s Handbook, including army composition, triumphs, and unit costs.

The total Army size will be 2000 points chosen from a single Grand Alliance.

Battleplans will come from the Generals Handbook with custom secondary objectives for players to score during their games.

We will be using Major Victory/Minor Victory system as described in the General’s Handbook to determine the winner of each game. Each Battle Plan outlines the rules for determining the winner for each game. If a player wins a Major Victory, their opponent scores a Major Loss. If a player wins a Minor Victory, their opponent receives a Minor Loss. A draw can only happen if players are tied on the major objective, secondary objective, and kill points.

We will be awarding the following:
Best Overall
Best in Alliance – Order, Chaos, Death, & Destruction
Best Appearance
Best Sportsman

The updated Age of Sigmar Championship Rules Packet can be found below.  It may be updated again when the 2017 General’s Handbook is released.

2017 MIGT Age of Sigmar packet