Age of Sigmar

October 2, 9AM – 6PM

The MI GT AoS Championship will be 3 games using the Age of Sigmar General’s Handbook Match Play system.

Games will be 2000 points chosen from the same Grand Alliance, and will last 5 rounds or 2.5 hours, whichever comes first. Armies must follow the composition rules in the General’s Compendium for Matched Play games using the Battlehost size. Please bring 5 typed copies of your list to the event.

Armies MUST be painted to a 3 color minimum standard. Painted will be scored as well towards your overall placing. Scoring will be based on cohesiveness, technique, conversions, etc.

The three rules of one will be in play. As will the Scenery rules, and the Monsters and cover rule, and the Triumph rule. The latest AoS FAQ will be used. Matched play rules will take precedence.

Only units and formations in the general’s handbook (and Forgeworld’s Warhammer Forge supplement) that are assigned points values may be use.

Allegiance Abilities and Artefacts will be chosen (or rolled for) as per the rules before the start of each battle. Remember, special (named) characters will not get any allegiance abilities or artefact powers. You may choose an additional artefact for each warscroll battalion in your army list.

New rule cut off will be 3 weeks before the event (September 10th). No new army books or core rules will be allowed after this date.

Award categories will be as follows:

Best Overal / Age of Sigmar Champion
Best Order General
Best Chaos General
Best Destruction General
Best Death General
Best Sportsman (or woman)
Best Painted

Scoring will be as follows:

Battle points 75
Painting 25
Sportsmanship 15