Annual Nain Rouge Painting Competition

All players at the Michigan GT are eligible to enter the 3rd Annual Nain Rouge Painting Competition if they have entered any event.  If you want to attend just for this competition, entry is $10.00

The categories are:

Best Model (Small, base size below 55mm).
Best Model, (Large, Base Size 55mm and up).
Best Gargantuan Model (Daemon Lords, Titans, Super Heavies)

Models will be judged on painting, modelling, technique, basing and over all artistic aesthetic. Be aware, any part of the model found unpainted will lead to being a first cut.

Models in the categories above MAY NOT be in play in an event and entered into game play for a tournament. We want people to be able to see the entries.  Winning entries from last year will not be eligible to enter again, but everyone is welcome for new entries.

The categories below are available to all forces in play during the various events:

Best Skirmish Force (3-20 models, squads and small scale game systems).
Best Army (Forces over 20 models with a unified scheme). We look forward to seeing all the entries.

We look forward to seeing your work this year!