Dropzone Commander: The Michigan Incursion

October 2, 9AM – 5PM

When the Scourge invasion hit Earth, Michigan and the Mid-West in general was a vital area to control due to its manufacturing capabilities and fresh water supply. Detroit fell hard along with Grand Rapids and Lansing making the fight effortless for the parasite scum to wipe out the remaining UCM forces and cutting off one of the most important supply chains of armament in North America. Retaking the area will be no easy task as it makes for a key strategic location for not only the UCM but the Shaltari and PHR as well. There is word of not only heavy Scourge occupation but also the Resistance fighters who have taken to the underground military installation and NRA strongholds in the Upper Peninsula that the Scourge found too troublesome to worry about taking. Intelligence supports taking the East, West, and Northern coasts and encircling the enemy will be the best course of action since the Scourge don’t have any known amphibious or long range weapon capabilities. Good luck to all of you brave Commanders.

Mission 1: Detroit, MI
Detroit is a power house in production of tanks and other armored vehicles along with air support as well. Taking the city will make for a good start at reclaiming the East side of the state and the key airstrips the area can provide.

Mission 2: Fort Brady-Sault Sainte Marie, MI
Once an abandoned military base Fort Brag was reinstated during the brutal fighting that nearly wiped out mankind during their struggle for power. The coast line was key for tidal power, and the remote location and underground structures made it easy to keep secret programs low key. Reclaiming the base will be key to securing the northern water ways.

Mission 3: Grand Rapids, MI
Taking Grand Rapids is the last step in securing the coast lines and the expansive areas will make it easy for further reinforcements to land. Grand Rapids also makes for a good jumping point to other major cities like Chicago, Milwaukee, and Indianapolis.