Horus Heresy Events

Horus Heresy Weekend Campaign: Dawn of Desperation

October 7, 10:00AM – 8:00PM & October 8, 10:00AM – 5:00PM

Dawn of Desperation is a 2 day Narrative map based campaign focusing on the Traitor forces attempts to once and for all crush Loyalist combat effectiveness in the Segmentum Obsurus. Dawn of Desperation will use a variety of lists built using Age of Darkness force organization rules.

For Dawn of Desperation, the two day narrative campaign, you will need to bring the following:

A 1500 point list using the Centurian style list construction. Centurian style limits army selection to infantry, jump infantry, and bikes. You may also bring 1 walker or land speeder for each infantry, jump infantry or bike squad you bring. Leviathan Dreadoughts are a 0-1 selection. Other than the above restrictions, the army is constructed using the Age of Darkness force org rules.

A 2000 Age of Darkness list constructed the standard way.

a 500 point side list to go with the above 2000 point list. When added to the above list, it must make a legal 2500 point list using the Age of Darkness force org rules.

A 2nd 500 point side list to go with the 2000 point list and the 500 side list. When added to the above two lists, your list should be able to make a legal 3000 point list using the Age of Darkness force org rules. It also needs to be a legal list when adding it by itself to the 2000 point list.

All lists will need to be submitted for approval by 9/17/17. Remember this is a narrative event. The theme of the event is to build and tell a story with well painted, thematic armies. Don’t be “that” guy. Overly aggressive lists will be vetoed from the event.

please submit lists to 30K@michigangt.com

Horus Heresy Weekend Campaign: Promethium Alley

October 6, 1:00PM – 7:00PM

Promethium Alley is a narrative event focusing on the Loyalists attempt to dislodge Traitor forces from the promethium plants. Promethium Alley will feature multiple styles of gameplay and army builds. Traitors should bring a 1500 point using the Zone Mortalis Attacker force organization and Loyalists should bring a 1500 point using the Zone Mortalis Defender force organization. Both sides should be prepared to fight room to room (Zone Mortalis style) within the major strategic centers as well as building by building (city fight style). As fighting will take place both within confined spaces and within the city itself. Zone Mortalis army limitations are not in effect, however Flyers are not allowed. Be aware that not all areas will be accessible to all units and the alleys will make moving some units impossible.
This is a heavily themed event so all lists must be submitted for approval to 30k@michigangt.com by September 15.