Horus Heresy Events

Horus Heresy Weekend Campaign: Darkness Falls Upon Lucius

October 1, 9AM – 7PM & October 2, 9AM – 5PM

After their devastating defeat at Istvaan, tattered and bloodied, loyalist forces rally to the Forgeworld Lucius. Second to only Mars in industrial might, Imperials rearm themselves in preparation of the traitors’ descent. it is imperative that Lucius remain in Imperial hands, else the entire Segmentum will fall crumble. The Warmaster has other plans . . . .

Join us for two full days of Horus Heresy 30K action! This Saturday and Sunday event will wage war between loyalist and traitor over 5 games.

The Campaign will be map based with narrative missions, where decisions made on each field of battle will affect the next round.
Players must have a bare minimum of 2000 points of fully painted miniatures to play. Players are asked to provided 3 sizes of lists for the campaign. One 2000 point list and two 500 point lists. There can be no overlapping models in any of the lists. The 500 points lists are to be structured so that when both are combined with the 2000 point list a legal Age of Darkness composition is created.

If you are short of 3000 points, submit as many of the 3 lists above as you are able to put on the table.

Primarchs and Lords of War are allowed, but must be part of a 500 point list.

This is a themed, narrative event. Army lists should be built accordingly. Lists are to be submitted to 30K@michigangt.com no later than 9/15/16 for review by event organizers. Overly aggressive lists will be vetoed and you’ll be asked to restructure your list.

Horus Heresy Weekend Campaign: The Temple of the Ominissiahi

September 30, 1PM – 7PM

The smallest moon of Lucius is also home to a unique temple. The Cult Mechanicus has fortified this ancient temple for centuries. In a divergence from traditional beliefs the Mechanium here believe in multiple Machine Gods rather than a single Omnissiah. Little else is known about the foundations of their belief. What is known is that the temple is home to great treasures that could sway the upcoming battle for Lucius itself.

Join us for this one day precursor to Darkness Falls on Lucius! This battle will consist of a single multiplayer game. The game will consist of two parts played simultaneously. The first will be a traditional style battle surrounding the temple. The second will be a Zone Mortalis battle inside the temple itself. Units will be able to move between boards. Due to the multi-player, multi-board, Apocalypse nature of the battle, both tables will employ alternative game play such as timed turns and revised turn orders to ensure constant engagement by all players until they have retreated or won.

Players may bring up to 1,750 points of fully painted miniatures using a standard 30K Force Organization charts. Forces do not have to conform to a Zone Mortalis chart, however once in the temple they will follow Zone Mortalis rules (no flyers, bases over 60 mm, squads over 15 (a larger squad may be split to leave a guard unit at the door however), no dedicated transports, etc.). No Primarchs, Relics, or campaign specific wargear may be taken.

This is a themed, narrative event. Army lists should be built accordingly.

Horus Heresy/40K Knight Fight

September 30, 7PM – 11PM

Istvaan has fallen. Traitor forces, catching the Loyalists on their heels, pushed forward with their heretical plans, capturing supply bases on Barlus and Reth, dealing the Loyalists a devastating blow. Though initially caught by surprise, Loyalists were quick react and were able to put forth a stalwart defense. While, not able to hold onto their supply bases, the Loyalists were able to slow the forces of the Warmaster and inflict massive casualties, among them the unconfirmed deaths of Peturabo, Night Haunter and Angron.

Bolstered by the heavy losses inflicted upon the Traitors, Loyalist forces rally on the nearby Forgeworld of Lucius. They prepare the planet as a bastion from which to launch an offensive strike into the heart of the rebellion and crush the uprising once and for all.

Horus, with his unworldly foresight, is two steps ahead of the Loyalists. Agents in place, woven deep within the leadership of Lucius, deceit faces the Loyalists around every corner. Not even the noble knight houses of Lucius are safe from the corruption of the Warmaster!

This event will be using the rules from the WH40K rulebook, NOT the Renegade ruleset.