Infinity Events

Friday Night TAG Battle

Sept 30, 6PM – 11PM

8 Players will do battle with mighty TAGs for control of the field.  Bring one fully painted TAG of your choice and do battle using the rules with Beasts of War.

TAG Battle rules can be found here.

2nd Annual Great Lakes 0-12 ProxyWar

October 1, 10AM – 8 PM

Increased in size and space from last year, 16 players will do battle over 4 rounds in order to see which galactic faction is the strongest. Each player will bring two 400 point lists with no spec ops, limited to three order groups, to play out all their missions. This will be an official ITS event with separate hobby scoring. The missions will be Engineering Deck, Cold Sleep, Comms Center, and Highly Classified.

This event may be modified by the 2017 ITS Rules. ITS rules can be found here.