Infinity Events

Friday Night TAG Battle

October 12, 7:00PM – 11:00PM

Bring any S6 or S7 Tag model and try to fight it out to be the Frag Champion at the end of 2 Hours! Rules in play for random starting points, On Field Tag Upgrades. Kill Stealing Encouraged! Each player will have the ability to upgrade their Tag through gameplay.  Play off at the end of 2 hours to determine the Pilot Champion and Remote Presence Runner-Up!

This is a non-ITS event.

TAG Battle rules can be found here.

4th Annual Great Lakes 0-12 ProxyWar

October 13th, Registration 8:30 AM

300 Point ITS “Special Operations” tournament. All ITS rules will be in effect. Expect to see terrain rules in effect on the boards.
1 Day, 4 Rounds. Spec Ops Not Allowed,  As this will be a Season 10 ITS event full rules and missions will be published 1 week after the release of Season 10 rules.

Saturday Night Fire – Team Fire Fight

October 13, 8:00PM – 11:00PM

Fire – Team Fire Fight

-Force Construction
Any 3 models that form a legal link, for a maximum of 2 SWC. No Lieutenant profiles are allowed. This can be a 3 man Core, Haris, Triad or Enomotarchos. Players have Zero command tokens.

-Board Setup
The game is played on a 6×4 table, dense with terrain which can be interacted with. There are random deployment zones and terrain and structures will be interactive.

Structures may be damaged/destroyed. Deployment areas may not be destroyed.
All fire teams will deploy randomly and have 2 orders in which to move for position. No attacks of any form may take place during those 2 initial orders (this includes deploying equipment or entering suppressive fire).  Full rules packet to follow.



October 13th, Registration 8:30 PM

This Aristea! Team Build event will be played under Season 2 Rules.  Full rules will be published 1 week after their release.  There will be an official prize pack for this event in addition to other support.  Standard AGL Rules.  First player to 8 points, or 5 rounds, whichever comes first.



Yancy Small’s Memorial ITS

October 14th, Registration 9:30 AM

250 Point ITS.  3 Round Direct Action Event.  Given that this is a Season 10 Event the full rules will be posted 1 week after the release of Season 10.  The expectation is for this event to embrace the changes of Season 10.   We will include as many of the “extras” are are logical to run together.

This event is especially meant as a friendly event as it is being run in the name of a longtime local player that we lost to a brief and ugly stuggle with cancer this year.  Yancy will be missed, but we can still have a good game in his name.