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October 12, 5:00 PM


The fight is about to start! Whether you’re a seasoned RUMBLESLAM veteran, or a rookie looking
for your first step up on the ladder toward Superstardom, this is the fight for you!
Brawl, grapple, bounce off the ropes, and leap from the turnbuckle onto your opponents! Smash and
punch to KO your opponents and be the first to throw the other team from the ring.

This RUMBLESLAM tournament uses teams of 1.5 million Dosh, and can include up to two
Superstars or a single Tag Team. Your wrestlers can be recruited from any casino, but sticking to a
single casino will of course earn you a Sponsorship as chosen from the rulebook. Re-rolls may be
purchased as normal, but Event Cards aren’t usable in this tournament.

5 Rounds or 2 hours per match – whichever comes first. At the end of each match, points will be
awarded accordingly:
• KOs: 1 point for each enemy wrestler KO’d for the first time. Multiple KOs on each wrestler
don’t award any additional points.
• Ejections: 1 point for each enemy wrestler thrown out of the ring.
• Victory Before The Bell: 2 points if there are no enemy wrestlers left in the ring before the
end of Round 5. A worthy victory!
In addition, each team receives an extra 5 points for having a fully painted team (3 colours minimum
– full judging at tournament organiser’s judgement), and each player will be able to nominate a
tournament favourite based on sportsmanship, team composition, and painting. Nominate your
tournament favourite (one vote per player) at the end of the 3rd match. The tournament favourite
receives an extra 5 points to their score.

There are 3 matches in this tournament, and at the end of the 3rd match a winner will be crowned! Tiebreaks
will be decided by a 1v1 match (or more depending on the scoreboard!) – your choice of
wrestler from your team against your opponent’s! Whoever is left in the ring is awarded victory!
Current rules errata and FAQs can be found at www.rumbleslam.com and are valid up to 2 weeks
before the tournament.


9th Age 2018 Championship

October 13 8:00 AM & October 14 9:00 AM

The Michigan GT 2018 Ninth Age Championship is a 4500 point tournament, to be played using the v.1.3.4 version of the Ninth Age rulebook available at the-ninth-age.com, and its associated army books.  Each player will need 6 copies of their army list for themselves and opponents.  Players who provide a copy of their list to 9thAge@michigangt.com before the Septemeber 23rd deadline will receive 5 bonus points.

This will be a 5 round, 2 day event.


9th Age 2018 Warbands

October 12 1:00PM

3 Rounds of “Warband” Battles at 2,250 points to be played using the v0.204.2 version of the Ninth Age Beta rulebook, or whichever version of the Beta Rules is considered most recent as of Saturday, September 15th to allow players a full month to familiarize themselves with the appropriate rules et. Armybooks and rulebooks should be available at the-ninth-age.com

The full pack can be found here!



Sunday October 14

9:00AM Registration until 4:00 PM

Freeblades tournament 200 gold, three rounds. Scenarios are Warrior’s Tomb, Advanced Guard and one to be named later. Prizes included, we have something special for you. Come have fun with us!


Wrath of Kings “Arikanian Invasion”

October 13, 10:00AM

 The Ancient King is no more, and now his scions battle for control of his throne. War erupts across the lands of Arikania, but who will succeed? The spartan Nasier? The alien forces of Hadross? The nightmare empire of the Goritsi? The magical forces of Shael Han? Or the humanum revolution of Teknes?

Bring your forces and battle it out in this one-day event of up to 5 rounds.



This event will be run using the Conquest of Kings tournament system, accessible in the Download section of the Wrath of Kings web page: http://wrathofkings.com/ks/


Players must bring two copies of their core list and options, as detailed in the Conquest of Kings document. One copy will be turned over to the event organizer, you will retain the other to share with opponents each game. Please also make sure that you bring Motivation cards or sheet for reference. Keep in mind that each motivation can only be played once during the event. A printable list of Motivations can be found at: http://www.coolminiornot.com/wok/Motivations.pdf


How Do “Options” Work?

A frequently asked question. When you build your list, the “Core” list section for the Skirmish level will have 3 ranks of Leaders, 18 ranks of infantry, and 2 ranks of specialists. The “Core” list is fixed and cannot be altered during the event.


The “Options” at the Skirmish level allow you to choose twice from either 3 more ranks of infantry or 1 more rank of specialists. For example, you could select 6 additional ranks of infantry, 2 additional ranks of specialists or 3 infantry and 1 specialist. The Conquest of Kings rules allow you to have two set of Options that are added to your Core list each game. For example, your option one might be 2 more ranks of specialists, while option two might be 3 more infantry and 1 specialist. During the pre-game, you will add either option one or option two to your core list.


The event will be a Skirmish level event, as follows:

Leadership Values

Leadership (5)

Commander Leadership (7)


Army Organization

Leader (Must select one as a Commander)

x3 Rank 1 Leaders



x18 Rank 1 Infantry



x2 Rank 1 Specialist


Options [x2]

x3 Rank 1 Infantry


x1 Rank 1 Specialist.


All players will need to bring any materials need to play. (models, dice, tape measure, templates, rules, cards, motivation references, etc).


All models must be painted.



  • 1st place
  • 2nd place
  • 3rd place
  • Best Painted Army