Painting/Sculpting Classes

Basics of Green Stuff by Man Beard Painting

September 30, 6PM – 8PM

Ever see those seamless models and wonder why you can’t get your models to not have those gaps and mold lines showing? Green Stuff can fix that as well as a plethora of other uses. Come learn the Man Beard way of the basics of Green Stuff uses and techniques to take your modeling and conversion work to the next level.  Materials will be provided.

Intermediate Weathering by Man Beard Painting

September 30, 8PM – 11PM

We’ve all seen the super weathered vehicles that just look awesome, with the smoke stains on the armor, the chipping of the outer coat of paint, and the overheated barrel look. It’s a lot easier than you think to achieve these looks. Join the Man Beard and learn how to feel comfortable with applying these techniques to your beautifully painted models to make them even more awesome. Materials will be provided