Star Wars Events

Star Wars: Destiny

October 6, 7:00PM

The inaugural Star Wars Destiny tournament at the Michigan GT! Come play the hottest game since sliced bread! 35 minute swiss rounds followed by a top seed cut based on number of players.

X-Wing: Hangar Bay

October 6, 6:00 PM

Bring two 100 point lists and battle it out with opponents over four 60 minute rounds. Both lists must be different factions, and you must play with each list at least once. Both lists are presented to your opponent, and then you both reveal which of your lists you play with for that match at the same time.

X-Wing: Championship

October 7, 10:00AM

Standard X-Wing tournament format utilizing the Store Championship swiss and cut ruleset.

X-Wing Narrative Event: Skywalker’s Skullcrushers!

October 8, 11:00AM

Skywalker’s Skullcrushers! What if Luke Skywalker ended up losing an eye and became a scum sucking pirate in his X-wing after the Battle of Yavin?

Rules: Every squad must have Luke Skywalker in the squadron, setup in any fashion they wish. After that, any ship from any faction may be used, with restrictions. (Custom X-Wing Titles will be made available if none have been announced by this point)

– No large base ships except Uwing
– No turrets at all
– No unique upgrades except on Luke Skywalker
– No unique crew
– May only use one of any ship type
– No unique pilots except Luke Skywalker
– Ships that are banned: YT1300, YT2400, Decimator, Kwing, ARC-170, IG-2000, YV-666, Shadow Caster, Jumpmaster, Ghost, Firespray.