Warhammer 40K Championships

October 1, 9AM – 7PM & October 2, 9:30AM – 5PM

The Warhammer 40K Championships are back for its fourth consecutive year, and this year is going to be our most exciting year yet! 80 players will compete in 5 games over 2 days in a celebration of both the competitive and artistic aspects of our hobby. We’re dedicating extra space and resources to this event and intend to make this our biggest and best year yet!

Last year’s “Force Champion” awards were well-received and will be returning. Recognition and prize support will go, not just to the top player and painter overall, but to the top players in each category based on your army’s faction. In addition, we’re excited to be an Independent Tournament Circuit (ITC) Major Event! As one of only a limited number of Major Events this year, the Michigan GT 40K Championships will give attendees a chance to earn ITC Major Event points towards their 2016 season totals.

Come and be a part of the 2016 Michigan GT Warhammer 40K Championships!

Rules Packet

The Warhammer 40K Championships rules packet can be downloaded from here.