Warmachine/Hordes Events

This year we are expanding our Friday night Warmachine/Hordes offerings. Players may choose between a light Spelldraft or a more competitive Steamroller event. Both events will be run at 50 points.

Warmachine/Hordes Steamroller

October 6, 5:00PM

Warmachine/Hordes Michigan GT Championship

October 7, 9:00AM – 5:00PM

Returning for the fourth year, the finale of the Warmachine & Hordes experience will be on Saturday October 7. Not only will the winner be crowned champion, but they will also earn a highly coveted spot in the Warmachine Weekend Invitational in St. Louis.

A player who finishes first through third will earn Qualifier Points (QPs) based on his or her ranking, and anyone who earns 10 or more QPs is automatically qualified to play in the Iron Gauntlet World Finals at Lock & Load GameFest 2018!

This is a 75 point two-list Masters event. Steamroller 2017 rules are here, and linked below.

Pre-release models will NOT be permitted.

Warmachine/Hordes Michigan Cup

October 8, 9:00AM – 5:00PM

We will use the same format as last year for the 2017 Michigan Cup. This is a slightly modified version of the popular World Team Championship competition format. This challenging format features 5-person teams squaring off after a strategic round of pairing that can be as important as the actual games! Specific rules for this event at the Michigan GT are forthcoming but will follow the structure of the official WTC.

More details regarding WTC rules can be found at HERE.

The 2017 Steamroller rules can be found HERE!

Warmachine/Hordes Michigan Cup Team “Misfit Toys”

Want to participate in the Michigan Cup, but can’t find a team? This year we are offering five slots to form team “Misfit Toys” to help you make that five man team! You will be teamed up with the four other participants to form a rag-tag team that will hopefully not be underestimated!


Once again, painting is not required for Warmachine/Hordes though it is strongly encouraged.  This is a deviation from the WTC and GT rules.  We are looking at possibly adjusting this for 2018, but not at this time.