X-Wing Weekend

X-Wing Tournament

The Michigan GT is proud to introduce X-Wing to their already impressive repertoire of games to their weekend lineup.

Friday Sep 30 – Escalation Tournament
Registration at 4pm – Skids up at 5pm. Format will involve three rounds. 1st round at 60 points, 2nd round at 90 points, 3rd round at 120 points. 90 and 120 point round list must be built off of list from prior round.

Saturday Oct 1 – Standards Swiss Round Tournament
Registration starts at 9am – skids up at 10am. This is the standard X-Wing tournament format. We will play anywhere from 4 to 6 rounds based on attendance, with a cut to top 8 or top 16 based on that attendance. Top 8/16 cut finals will be held on Sunday Oct 2nd.

Sunday Oct 2nd – Narrative and Swiss Cut Finals
Top Swiss cut finals start at 10am

X-Wing Narrative Event: Pirates Ahoy!

October 2, 9AM – 4PM

Etahn’s Eviscerators. Etahn A’Baht’s miscreant band of mischief makers and rabble rousers take on other pirate factions for dominance of the pirate sector SGC-762. Which pirate faction will stand to rule them all?

Rules: 120 point list. All lists must include Etahn A’Baht, setup in any fashion you wish. The remainder of the list may include ships from any faction, but cannot include duplicate ships, unique pilots, or large base ships. Whoever scores the highest points after 3 to 4 rounds (based on attendance) is crowned sector champion! Exceptions: Y-Wings can take turrets, limited to 5pts, and must have the BTL-A4 upgrade attached. K-Wings are allowed but may not take an additional turret upgrade.

Who will dominate pirate sector SGC-762?!

There will be prize support included for all events.

Tournament rules can be found below.