Fighting Napoleon (Hounds of War)

Napoleon makes his glorious return from exile, and Allied forces rush to defeat him before he can wreak havoc on Europe again. This is a 3 round narrative event of the 100 days campaign. Each round represents a different engagement from the 100 days campaign where results produce consequences for the climactic battle of Waterloo. There will be two battles spanning Saturday (9a-3p) and (5p-11p), culminating in a grand battle on Sunday (9a-6p). Space is limited for up to 5 players per side, so be sure to get registered early so you don’t miss out. Fighting Napoleon is a new supplement utilizing Grand scale engagement rules with the Hounds of War game system using 28mm miniatures. All you need to play will be provided, and the game will be run by the creators. Please PM us if you would like to bring your own miniatures to play.

Event Information

Day 1 Event Start:
Day 2 Event Start: