Marvel Crisis Protocol: Renewal of Vows

You are cordially invited to attend the Renewal of Vow’s Ceremony being held in honor of the hallowed
reunion of Mystique with her wife, Destiny! In recognition of this momentous occasion, the happy
couple will be throwing a party for the ages! Everyone is invited! (Even though not everyone is
welcome…especially if you forget to RSVP. Very rude!)

Renewal of Vows is a Marvel Crisis Protocol Narrative event. Players take on the role of either Honored
Guests to Mystique and Destiny’s exquisite event, or hooligans who just plan to show up for the free
food and booze!

Players will prepare a standard 10 character, 10 Team Tactics card roster to use in this 3 round event.

Players will NOT be bringing any crisis cards, Destiny has already set out the seating chart and you DO
NOT argue seating arrangements with someone who can see the future!

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